These are the questions we are asked most frequently but please feel free to let us know if your question is missing - it will help others too. Our email address to contact is info@skopazerowasteplace.co.uk  

How do I pay please?

Payment is taken when you collect in the shop and NOT online. Contactless card is preferred.

Contactless payment can be taken through the glass of the window if you are collecting from the doorstep!

We are busy working family, can I collect at a specific time to avoid any waiting? 

Yes, we are more than happy to offer appointments outside our standard opening hours.  Add a note at check-out and we will contact you. 

Do you only do "Click and Collect"?

No, we are open for traditional shopping 9.30am - 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. We are open later for Christmas shopping on Thursday until 7.30pm through-out December, we will then return to our usual winter closing time of 6pm on Thursdays in January.  We close early on Wednesday @ 1pm. We are closed Sunday.

I am not in a rush for my order, would you like to know this so you can priortise other shops when busy? 

Yes please. This would help on busy days..but we always try and process orders as quickly as possible and to meet your preferred collection time.



COVID-19 related queries

I am self isolating. Can I shop with you?

Please contact us via the option at the top of the page. We will then call you to try to help.

How are you adapting your shop to protect your customers due to COVID-19? 

  • We are operating a 'two shopping at one time' and one or two waiting depending if there's a 'bubble group' in the store.
  • We  ask customers to use hand sanitiser before starting their shop. We provide this. 
  • We are using paper bags for our dried goods instead of customers refilling containers.  We will be changing back to containers soon but paper bags will still be available if you'd prefer. 
  • We offer refills for all our liquids. Customers can drop off their labelled bottles in the basket placed outside the door during opening hours. We are also happy to refill when you collect your online shopping using click and collect.  Please add a note at checkout if you plan to leave your bottles. 
  • A new screen has been fitted to our counter top and we are using contactless payment. 
  • We are happy to help and serve if the customer prefers.
  • We ask all our customers to wash their bottles and containers before bringing them into the store.
  • cloths and sprays will be available for our customers to use. 
  • (We will review these procedures as more information / research comes to light).

Below is an interesting article on the use of containers during Covid 19 pandemic  


How often is the shop cleaned?

We will be cleaning all regularly touched hard surfaces with sanitiser every morning and evening and wiping touched surfaces throughout the day.  We request everyone entering the shop to sanitise their hands. We ask all our customers to wear a face-mask (unless they have health reasons not to).   Clean hands touching clean surfaces minimises risks. We will wash our hands regulary and have sanitise spray available at all times.  

I ordered 500g of pasta but it actually weighed 510g?

When we are putting the order together we will try to get your goods close to the actual requested quantity but it may be a little under or over. The packet label  / full receipt will show you the exact amount in grams you have purchased, price per 100g and therefore the exact price.

I only have a small amount of shopping under the £15 minimum spend.  Do I always need to spend £15 to shop 'click and collect' ?

We do understand this and are happy to accommodate smaller shops too.

£15 minimum spend using our 'click and collect' service helps us be more efficient with our packing times.

We are also open for shopping traditionally (see the homepage) when there is no suggested minimum spend.

Can I have my refills done when I collect my shopping?

Yes, we are more than happy to do this for you.  

Can I bring my own bottles to fill? 

Yes. Please ensure that the bottles are clean, dry and  labelled with your name and the ordered product.  Bottles need to be fit for purpose. One that has previously been used for a similar product is ideal. We do not refill drinks/ milk bottles with cleaning products and toilet cleaner should go into a bottle with safety cap.

When can I drop off my bottles? 

You can drop off your bottles into the basket left on the shop doorstep between 9am and 5 pm Monday to Saturday.  You can also bring your bottles along when you collect your shopping and we will refill then.   

I used to fill my own containers with dry goods, when will this start again? 

We've returned to customers filling their own containers, but paper bags will be able if you prefer.  We are also more than happy to serve customers.  We have appointment slots for those which to shop alone please let us know and we will reserve one for you.  These are generally at the start or end of our normal opening hours.  

(See Guardian link above) 

Can I use cash? 

Yes we are happy to receive cash as well as debit cards.   

Can I add more items to my shopping basket after I have sent my order? 

Yes,  when we contact you regarding a collection time, please let us know what else you wish to add to your order.  When you come to pick-up your shopping please feel free to add additional items to your basket.

What shall I bring to take my shopping away? 

A strong box is preferable as paper packaged goods do like the extra support a box gives but strong bags/baskets work well too.  

Why do I have to estimate the weight of any liquids rather than it being in millilitres?

Our self-service shop system was set up so that all liquids are priced by weight not volume (millilitres).

This allows you to not necessarily have a completely empty container when shopping and to "top up".  No messy tipping out the last drops of laundry liquid into a cup to make sure your bottle was totally empty!

We weigh the container with any residual content and then subtract the initial first weight from the final weight to give the actual weight of the product purchased.

Prices are then calculated at "Price per 100g". Very roughly to help comparison 100g roughly equals 100mls or 1000g equals a litre.  Oils do weigh lighter ( oils floats on water!) and some thicker more viscous liquids are heavier.

Be reassured though that the bottle weight is subtracted, and the price of product down to the gram is calculated by our clever till system and itemised on your receipt.

I am not able to collect at your usual shop opening times.  Can I come at other times?

Yes we will try to accommodate those needing early or late pick ups.

We will call /text you when the shopping is ready and can arrange a suitable time then.

What sort of bottles can I refill? 

We ask you to consider the type of container you wish to refill.   Bottles that have previously be used for the item is often best.  For cleaning products we ask you to use non-food bottles only.  Some plastic bottles are not robust enough to hold cleaning ingredients for long periods of time.  We do ask that toilet cleaner bottles have child safety caps.

Why do you have a suggested minimum spend?

We have a suggested minimum spend of £15 which helps focus our time on packing rather than processing. If this isn’t possible or you just have small order this is not a problem at all.  

I used to collect from the door and do contactless through the window, can I still do this? 

Yes, we appreciate our customers have different needs and are more than happy to continue doing this  - simply add a note at checkout to let us know. 

I can see this way of shopping is very labour intensive. Is this a viable option in the long term?

Yes, we actually think this way of shopping is complimentary to Skopa being open for traditional shopping.  We pack when we are quiet or at the start or end of the day.   This allows us to serve more customers throughout the day.  

Can the size of your products be smaller?

We have chosen pack sizes that are similar to common bag sizes you find in shops. When you shop in-store you can bag for smaller amounts and weigh to a specific amount.  If you need a smaller quantity please add a note at checkout.