What is Skopa all about?

Skopa is a zero waste shop, also known as a 'refill shop'. Refill shops help you reduce your single use plastic and other unnecessary packaging.

Skopa also sells sustainable, plastic free everyday household items ranging from... kitchen cleaning utensils and sponges, dental products, soaps, creams, razors, face and body care products, water bottles, food containers, wax wraps and so much more.

We love to see our customers in person, but did you know that there are three ways to shop at Skopa?

1. Drop in & Shop. We always like to see our customers in the shop. The shop is self-service but we are happy to provide lots of helpful information, advice and assistance if you need it.

2. Click & Collect. Place your order online, then we’ll prepare it and give you a call when it’s ready.

3. Drop off & Collect. Simply drop off your labelled containers with a shopping list and your contact details. We’ll give you call when it’s ready for collection. We will try to fit within your schedule. We can often turnaround an order within a couple of hours so time for a coffee, activity with friends or whilst getting the rest of shopping in town. 

Come and talk to us - we want to make shopping as easy as possible for customers who have limited time and busy lifestyles. 

No container? ... no problem!... we have free paper bags and containers you can buy

  • Store Cupboard Foods

    loose leaf teas

    200 Degrees coffee (beans freshly ground in the shop)

    pulses, grains, cereals

    pasta & rice

    nuts & seeds

    dried fruit

    herbs, spices & salts

    oils, vinegars

    chocolate & sweets (including vegan)

    savoury snacks

    freshly ground peanut butter

  • Household Essentials

    Eco refills:
    household cleaning products
    body & hair care range


    sponges, brushes
    dental products
    soaps & creams
    water bottles
    food containers
    wax wraps