Categories: Christmas Gift Boxes

A range of prefilled Christmas Gift Boxes handpicked so you can collect and go.  

Alternatively select the empty box and the gifts you would like us to place in it.  

We'll choose the appropriate sized box for your gifts.  

All gift boxes cost £1.50 and are sealed with a Skopa stamp and filled with sustainably sourced wood shavings and tissue paper. 

19 products
  • Scrub Soap Gift Box
  • Small Gift Box Bath Bombs & Melts by SCRUB
  • Shaving Gift Box - Including Rose Gold Razor
  • Lime Green Kitchen Gift Box
  • Indulgence Soap Gift Box by SCRUB
  • Personalised Gift Box
  • Rugged Nature Gift Box
  • Bath Bombs by SCRUB Gift Box
  • Mixed Gift Box by SCRUB
  • Shaving Gift Box - Including Dark Steel
  • Kitchen Gift Box 3 - with Balsamic Vinegar
  • Twool Gift Box
  • Indulgent Gift Box - Shaving
  • Rugged Nature - Beard Kit
  • Rugged Nature - Essential Kit
  • Tea Selection Gift Box with Mug Strainer
  • Chilly Food Pot Gift Box
  • Kitchen Gift Box 1 - with Baking Liner
  • Outdoor Gift Box