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ORGANIC Cotton Make Up Wipes - 16 in a bag

ORGANIC Cotton Make Up Wipes - 16 in a bag

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Switch to a more sustainable make up remover by ditching those single use wipes! These organic cotton make up remover pads are reusable and made from organic cotton

  • Pack of 16: 12x soft cotton pads for for everyday cleansing and make-up removal and 4x "rough" cotton pads for hard to remove makeup and deep cleaning.

  • Comes with 100% cotton wash bag.

  • Machine washable up to 40 degrees inside the included wash bag so they don't get caught in the door section of the washing machine. Tumble dry on a low heat.

    • 4x 'Rough' Pads made with Terry Organic Cotton

    • 12x Soft Pads made with Velour Organic Cotton

    • Wash Bag: 100% Organic Cotton

    • Comes with an unbleached kraft paper tag printed with soy ink, which is 100% recyclable

    • Made in India ethically and sustainably. The makers are paid double the regional minimum wage.
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