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Steph's Beeswax Wraps - Single Extra Large

Steph's Beeswax Wraps - Single Extra Large

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1 item: 40cm x 40cm

The natural and sustainable alternative to plastic food wrap.
Made in Derbyshire using pine resin and beeswax from lovely beekeepers about ten minutes from my home.

100% natural 

Keeps your food super fresh ~ the combination of natural ingredients with cotton fabric allows the wraps to breathe, keeping your food fresher for longer.

Clingy in a good way ~ pine resin gives the wraps a natural adhesive making sure your food is sealed tight. The warmth from your hands helps mould the wraps to give a strong seal.

Reusable ~ rather than using cling film or foil that’s often thrown away after one use, beeswax wraps can simply be washed in cold water with a little soap and they’re ready to use again.

Biodegradable ~ once you’ve used it to the max (about 12 months) you can either pop it in your compost or wrap it in newspaper and use it as a firelighter.

Not suitable for hot water, dishwasher, microwave or direct heat.
Do NOT use with raw meat or fish.

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