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Soda Stream 60l Gas Cylinder

Soda Stream 60l Gas Cylinder

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The SodaStream Spare Gas Cylinder ensures you can keep enjoying sparkling water with your SodaStream sparkling water maker.

Making up to 60 litres, each gas cylinder is highly cost-effective and helps to reduce your carbon footprint versus single-use plastic with it reducing the average household plastic bottle intake by 1,282 bottles over 4 years.

EXCHANGE YOUR CYLINDER and pay only 13.99

PLEASE NOTE that this is a click and collect service. No payment is taken online, you will pay the correct amount when you collect in the shop. 

Please check the type of cylinder you require.  See image describing the blue  (twist cylinder ) and pink (Quick Connect Cylinder).  Pink fits soda stream models produced after June 2022 ( Terra, Art and Duo).    

This SodaStream Cylinder is provided under licence and remains the property of Soda-Club (CO2) SA or its affiliates. It should only be maintained and refilled by SodaStream. Unauthorised refilling of SodaStream Cylinders by third parties could be risky, may violate the law and infringes SodaStream's rights. SodaStream only warrants the safety of SodaStream Cylinders refilled by it, bearing a SodaStream tamper proof valve seal. When empty, please return this Cylinder to Skopa  or to an authorised SodaStream dealer in exchange for a full SodaStream Cylinder, for the price of the gas refill, or you may return this Cylinder in good condition without exchanging it and receive a return fee of £1 (UK) 

This Cylinder was filled and checked by SodaStream International BV, Provincienbaan 16, 5121 DL RIJEN, NL or on its behalf.

Earth Friendly
Fewer empties to recycle or throw away, Less manufacturing, Less transportation.

Sodastream and Soda-Club are trademarks of Soda-Club (CO2) SA or its affiliates.


SodaStream Worldwide Trading Company,
3 Francis Court,
High Ditch Road,
Fen Ditton,
CB5 8TE,


For use with Sodastream Sparkling Water Makers .  Blue cylinders can be used with some other Sparking Water Makers  - but please check with your manufacturer if Soda Stream cylinders are compatible. 


1) Warning! Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated. Protect from sunlight. Store in a well-ventilated place.
2) Inspect this Cylinder and valve before use for any damage. DO NOT USE IF DAMAGED.
3) Never tamper with this Cylinder in any way, including puncturing, incinerating or removing the valve.
4) Do not store or expose this Cylinder to heat above 50°C or direct sunlight.
5) Keep out of reach of children.
6) Never screw a Cylinder into the sparkling water maker when a carbonating bottle is installed.
7) Never unscrew a Cylinder from the sparkling water maker when it is being operated.

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