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Elephant Box - Tiffin Container, Leakproof

Elephant Box - Tiffin Container, Leakproof

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What a beauty! Our brand new Leakproof Tiffin!

Beautiful round lunchbox in the style of a traditional Indian tiffin. This box is the perfect size for you to securely carry your lunch, store pre-cooked meals in the freezer or use to grab meals from the takeaway or deli. It's also safe to use in the oven up to 240 degrees celcius. Not suitable for microwaves though!

This tiffin features a removable silicone seal to prevent any leaks and spills. When you put the seal back in after washing, push it in tight and make sure it's clean, dry and free from grease

Dont forget your Spork :)

why we love this lunchbox

700ml is a great size for a hearty portion of anything! We also love the very satisfying 3 clips that keep this lunchbox leak-free.

It's made from 50% recycled steel.  

Leakproof Tiffin Spec

  • 700ml capacity
  • 100% food-grade stainless steel 
  • Won't stain or carry odours like plastic - so you can pack up your curry with confidence!
  • Oven and dishwasher safe - comes up sparkling every time
  • Very durable
  • Leakproof ( with removable food-grade silicone seal)
  • Responsibly made in India in a small family run factory

Leakproof Tiffin Dimensions

Weight 370g |  Height 9cm  |  Diameter 14cm


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