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Martha Bag by Cycle of Good

Martha Bag by Cycle of Good

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The Martha Bag

Our strongest and most versatile bag to date and it’s 100% recycled!

This bag is made from super-tough waterproof, lorry-curtain fabric, which was going to be thrown away until we rescued it! It’s the perfect size for your weekly shop, your laptop and lunch for the office, or for your gym trip. We love the comfy recycled inner-tube handles which are strong but never cut into your hands when the bag is full of heavy things.

It measures 38cm high by 40cm wide.

So easy to keep clean as it’s fully washable. Currently available in blue, but the shade will vary as we work with limited supplies of recycled material. As with all recycled materials you may notice the occasional blemish. Designed and made in Malawi by our fairly paid tailors in Malawi. This bag has a lifetime guarantee, in the unlikely event that a bit of stitching goes astray you can return it to us for mending… this truly is a bag for life!

This product would make a perfect Eco Friendly Gift.

Why is it called The Martha Bag?

We visited our Cycle of Good tailors to introduce some new products and do some training. One lunch time we were chatting about what makes a perfect bag and ten minutes later Martha appeared with the very first proto-type lorry curtain tote. We chatted about a few tweaks needed in the design, and by the end of the day Martha had worked through all the practicalities and found to her own delight that she had designed the finished product. We all spent the next couple of weeks shopping in local markets and loading the test bags up with as much veg as we could manage to make sure the bags would last a lifetime. Within days the bags were in full production. Involving our tailors in design and production decisions is hugely important to us and them, not only do we get new ideas, but they develop new skills and confidence in their own abilities.

We love the Martha Bag and we hope you do too!

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